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We are a group of independent High Street Lawyers and professionals involved in the conveyancing process


We believe that the Land Registry provides an excellent service to those professionals acting for property owners in England and Wales. 


We believe that the Land Registry is well run, efficient and professional. 


We believe that maintaining the current structure of the Land Registry is in the best interests of the property owning public and the professionals that serve them. 


We believe that the Consultation should have included an option to retain the current structure of the Land Registry as a Trading Fund. 


We believe that a longer consultation period was required as the current proposals may have a major impact on small businesses, including law firms, involved in the conveyancing process. 


The Land Registry operates on a 98% satisfaction rating - any changes to the current system could jeopardise the high level of customer service currently enjoyed. 


The Land Registry is self financing and profitable, all surpluses are passed on in reduced fees which assist property owners. 


The proposal to separate functions may require solicitors and conveyancers to "self serve" property title information. It is unclear whether this proposal will be easy and efficient to implement for small high street law firms and the costs of such changes may be passed on to end users; home buyers. 


Solicitors can find out more about our campaign and what other lawyers are saying by joining our online community HighStreetLawyer Workshare. It's free to join and you will meet like minded individuals on our exclusive portal.



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